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German-born yarnspinner Josef Rother is a regular contributor to HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE, where their tales explore the fantastic and the uncanny. They have worked with artists as diverse as David Lloyd and Donna Barr.
In 2012, Heavy Metal published
Josef Rother’s Nightmares on the Town, collecting some of their best stories.
Josef’s FATHER DRACULA series chronicles the exploits of a notorious vampire lord after his conversion to Catholicism. These days, Dracula only drinks the communion wine, the transsubstantiated Blood of Christ and very nourishing to vampires.
As a translator, Josef has put German words into the mouths of almost every DC and MARVEL superhero, including Alan Moore's SWAMP THING.
Josef only wears black and is never seen without their distinctive (and black) pirate bandana.

Freelance illustrator and writer Eckart Breitschuh lives in Hamburg, Germany, with his wife, webdesigner Lorraine Flack, and their three children. He made his comic book debut drawing LINDENSTRASSE, a cartoon version of Germany’s most popular soap opera.
In 1998, the mini-series WANDA CARAMBA: DYING FOR A SCREW established Eckart’s buxom crimefighter Wanda Caramba as a household name among German comic book readers. The sequel, WANDA CARAMBA: BEAR CAGE, won the 2001 ICOM Independent Comic Award for Best Script.
Eckart‘s further comic book accomplishments include GRIMM, an irreverent new look at the notorious brothers’ fairytales (2002 ICOM for Best Script), and APOCALYPSE: THE REVELATION OF JOHN with theologian Dr. Andreas Köhn.
In June 2005, Eckart’s first collaboration with writer Josef Rother, A MOTHER’S LOVE, was published in HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE.


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